Day 6 By Loïc and Dorian


Today, we went to the bush. It lasted 3 hours. We saw the footprints


of a hippopotamus, a giraffe and a rhino; we saw many animals


 rhinos, giraffes, a fish eagle, hippos and birds. The guide smelt and


touched the wee of a giraffe, ugly ! We spat impala’s poo, yuck!


Lorenza and Colean spat the furthest. In the afternoon, we went


shopping for the dinner competition. We ran everywhere, what a mess


to find the goods ! The dinner competition arrived, and the stress


too, we tried to keep calm and did the best we could !


The winners were: “the lemonade mouth” with Emilie, Camille,


Chloé from BDN and Julien, Lucas from Chaudron.