Day 8 by Clément and Maxime


During the day we drove for three hours in the KrugerPark. We were very lucky because we saw three lions and a cheetah. We can now say that we have seen the BIG FIVE!!! We also saw more elephants, giraffes, Hippos, rhinos and crocodiles. The weather was sunny. We had lunch at Lower Sabie camp.  Then we got out of the park and we drove to White River. We arrived in the family at 7:30 pm.

When we arrived in our family, we put our luggage in our bedroom, and then we visited the house which is big. Then we played the box with Walter who is the son of our Host family. For dinner we had chips and chicken. In the morning we woke up at 6:00 am, we had breakfast and we got dressed to go to school at 7:10