Day 12, by Enzo

(with a little help from Samira in the bus….)


In the morning we went to school and we made some posters about South Africa.


Then we went to The Chimpanzee Eden which is an institute for chimps who used to be mistreated by humans. They all have different, strange and sad stories. They are parked in three different spaces, closed by electric fences because they can be very aggressive and dangerous. Some of them threw mud, wooden sticks and rocks at us. It was a bit scary. Here are a few of their names: Charles, Lily, Jessica, Zee, Claude, Charly, Moogly.


After, we visited the Mbombela Stadium. It is a medium size stadium but it seemed quite impressive for us!!! The outside poles look like giraffes and the seats inside remind zebra skin. Our guide’s name was Jack. We have been to the VIP sections, the changing rooms, the fitness room, the conference room which can be rented.

Then we came back to school and our families picked us up.

I ate rice and beef with sauce and drank a cappuccino. It was delicious!!

I went to bed at 9pm.


I had a great time!